My husband and I don’t have words to express our praise and admiration for Mika. Looking back, we cannot imagine having done it without her. 

From the very first meeting, Mika‘s support, kindness and knowledge were invaluable through a difficult pregnancy.

In the prenatal meetings, Mika helped us understand what to expect and coached us in making informed decisions. During the birth, Mika and my husband worked together to make an amazing support team. Mika, with her unshakeable calm and soothing voice, talked me through each contraction and reminded me to vocalize and not resist the pain. Together with her massage, this support enabled me to forgo pain medication. She also offered help with breastfeeding, making sure that my daughter and I got off to a great start and giving extremely useful advice about promoting milk production.

We never expected that the reality of our daughter’s birth and the beginning of our breastfeeding journey could be so close to everything that we hoped for! We also thoroughly enjoyed every minute of Mika‘s postnatal visit and now, almost two months later, we regularly refer to what she told us about parenting and child development.

To any family considering hiring a doula, say yes and hire Mika!

Thank you, Mika!    

Maria B.