What is a Postpartum Rebozo Session? 

A Postpartum Rebozo session is inspired by the Mexican tradition of the ‘Closing the Bones’ ceremony; a ceremony to honour the mother for all that she has encountered on her journey into motherhood. It is a celebration and a way to nurture and honour herself after she has gone through the life-changing event which is birth.

What is a rebozo? 

A rebozo is a woven scarf or shawl, used and passed on to future generations by traditional Mexican midwives, to support pregnant, birthing and postpartum women. Naoli Vinaver is one of the midwives that has shared this tradition with birth workers around the world with an understanding of the importance of reclaiming a missing link in our culture. Postpartum Rebozo sessions are based on her teachings. 

In a simple yet powerful setting, give yourself a safe space to be with your unique story.

A Postpartum Rebozo session takes place in your home. It can be offered in the first weeks postpartum and beyond, even many years after your birth. 

The 90-minute session begins with an introduction, followed by drinking a warm herbal tea. At this time, you can share and reflect on your birth story as well as release any emotions tied to your birthing experience. We then encourage you to set a personal intention for the closure, taking the time to understand what is significant for you in this moment. 

You’re then invited to the ‘closing’ which involves rocking and moving your hips, followed by an abdominal massage using a warming oil. It is finished by slowly and tightly wrapping the rebozos around your hips. Once complete, you lie quietly and relish in your experience. 


This process literally helps “close” a Mother’s body, which “opens” in so many ways both in preparation for, and during birth itself, since pregnancy, and particularly the intense process of labour and birth, can be a very vulnerable time for a woman, emotionally and physically. 

*Please choose a close friend or relative to join in Postpartum Rebozo session and together we will “hold the space” for you.