Yvonne Pelling – Testimonials

Yvonne was frankly amazing! She was kind, helpful, non-judgmental, understanding, patient, and available before, during, and after our birth. At the hospital, we would have been lost without her and she helped immensely in ensuring that we had ownership over our birthing experience. Nothing could have happened as it did without her patient advice and trusted counsel. She helped us get prepared beforehand and then shone under the spotlight when it came down to the delivery itself. She was, simply, above and beyond all expectations!

Derek M.

Yvonne was the perfect Doula for us! She is knowledgeable and yet always allowed us to choose our own path through pregnancy, early labour at home as well as labour and birthing at the hospital. She and my husband were an amazing team supporting me through labour. I can’t imagine what our experience would have been without her strong, yet not overbearing presence. She empowered both my husband and I to rise to the challenging adventure of labour in a way that I know we would not have managed on our own. We had a post-natal meeting today and it was everything I’d hoped for, including hands on help with breastfeeding and the space to safely express my emotions about labour and the birthing experience. Thank you, Yvonne!

Simone M.

During the initial weeks after bringing the babies home (we have triplets!), having Yvonne there helped us immensely to get organized and feel on top of things.
She always knew what to do, where to be and how to help. I never had to ask her for anything. She would look at the situation and just knew what to do. I never felt like it was having a stranger with me at home.
To top it all, she is super good with the babies. I felt very comfortable leaving them with her.
If I have to summarize it in one word, I would say having her was just “wonderful”!
I would recommend her time and again 🙂

Rupali S.

My wife and I contacted Yvonne to assist before, during and after the delivery of our first child. Our plan was to have a natural birth and Yvonne helped us thoroughly, with many 1 on 1 sessions, answering our questions and educating us on what to expect. My wife unfortunately had to go with a cesarean, after hours of intense labour. For us, having Yvonne on our side at the hospital was a blessing.
She was key in helping to keep the calm and tranquility during the entire labour. After our son was born, she came for a postpartum visit and made sure all was well and that we had no unanswered questions. Again, it goes without saying, how appreciative we are of her support. Truly enjoyed meeting her and going through this emotional process with a person who is so serene and experienced.
From our family: Thank you Yvonne!

Diego C.

I highly recommend Yvonne Pelling as a doula for her professionalism, friendliness, and her extensive knowledge of the birthing process, both pre-and postpartum. She was an amazing coach for my wife (and for me as well!). We kept our birthing plan simple and specific, and Yvonne worked very diligently to make it all happen with as minimal stress as possible.

Mike B.

Thank you, Yvonne for sharing this beautiful journey with our family and helping us get through hardships of pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding! I loved working with you and I would recommend your doula services to all of my friends.

Yvonne helped me feel be informed and in control of my pregnancy during this vulnerable time. I felt supported and loved, which gave me confidence in my decisions. Her postnatal advice was the key to my breastfeeding success, and made a huge difference in my peace of mind.

I truly hope to have Yvonne by my side again in the future. Thank you for your kindness and wise advice, Yvonne.

Rossi K.

I debated for a while whether or not I needed a doula to accompany my husband and me through the birth of our first child. I’m so pleased with my decision. I didn’t want an all-natural birth. I just hoped I wouldn’t need a c section, and didn’t want an early epidural so that I wouldn’t be stuck in bed for hours and hours. Yvonne gave me all the tools, support and knowledge to make that happen!
Yvonne helped demystify the birth process. She acted as a bridge between us and the medical community by explaining in more depth what was going on, as well as the next expected steps, something that the medical team doesn’t have the time to do. Yvonne helped me prepare a realistic birth plan and the birth amazingly went as planned. She supported my husband and me through a most memorable labour. She looked after everything I needed but also had an eye out for my husband who wasn’t comfortable through the whole experience.

I’m forever grateful to her for coaching us through the experience of a lifetime.

Mary L.

Yvonne is an excellent doula. I had a difficult labor that lasted 30 hours, and Yvonne was there to provide moral support, to help out with pain management, and to voice my desires with medical staff. Thanks Yvonne!

Nathalie M.

I met Yvonne through a pregnancy circle run by Rock The Cradle. She was the perfect match for us throughout my pregnancy. She offered us a lot of support. Yvonne was always available by email, phone and text message. My baby was born by scheduled c section. I was very nervous about the procedure but Yvonne was a great support to have during this time. Yvonne always offered great resources by email such as relevant articles and other information. Our meetings with her have always been pleasurable and informative. Yvonne has a great personality and makes you feel very comfortable to ask questions and discuss certain topics. Yvonne was always on time and very reliable. We highly recommend her to any couple for their pregnancy and delivery.
Thank you so much Yvonne, you truly helped make this experience a great one.

Silvia M.

It was an absolute pleasure getting to work with Yvonne. Her knowledge and calming presence during the birth of our baby was absolutely wonderful and helped in providing us with an extremely positive birth experience. She was very available to answer any questions we had and I would highly recommend her as a doula. I only wish now that I had sought out her services with our first child as well.

Jessica Lange

Yvonne is the best birth companion a couple could ask for: informative, enthusiastic, and always there when you need her. My birth experience was positive in large part thanks to her encouragement in the toughest parts of labor, supporting me and my husband until we delivered our baby. Yvonne is professional in her work and very warm in her approach. She was so devoted to us that we felt like she was Family… We wouldn’t hesitate to ask her to be our doula again for future pregnancies!

Amal B.

I have unwavering gratitude for Yvonne who was my doula for the birth of my daughter in December 2017. Her prep sessions were a pleasure, we had great laughs and she answered all of our questions honestly and without judgement. I love her sense of humour, her confidence, her steadfastness, and her aura of absolute calm. She is equally intuitive and down-to-earth…exactly what we needed. When I went into labour 3 weeks early in the middle of the night, Yvonne was just a text and call away, ready to guide me as the most epic day of my life began. She was at my house as soon as we needed the extra pair of hands and helped me and my partner navigate what ended up being a natural labour. Her advice throughout the labour was invaluable and I trusted her implicitly. She was our advocate at the hospital and helped us communicate our needs clearly to the staff there.

Even 3 months after my labour, Yvonne has been there to support me emotionally, to reassure me, and to help me through the challenges of the post-partum period. I also really appreciate all of the Facebook groups, events, classes and get-togethers that Rock the Cradle and their extended team offers. They are truly there to support birthing women and their partners in their journeys in different and ways. If you’re wondering if a doula is for you, all I can tell you is not to hesitate, and to meet these women – they are dedicated and strong and will do everything to make your birthing experience a positive one.

Brittany D.