Jenny Bee – Testimonials

Jenny is a beautiful inspiring person, gifted and experienced yoga teacher and super fun to be around. Her pre- and postnatal classes as well as mommy-baby yoga are always enriching, both physically & spiritually. They challenge me to reflect on my decisions and encourage valuable exchange with other mothers. One of the best things I did for myself and my little girl was to subscribe to Jenny’s class.

Paulina K.

Jenny B. is such a great teacher! I was so happy to be able to do her prenatal yoga class and couples workshop throughout my pregnancy. As someone who never did much yoga before I found that she made it really accessible for me as a beginner as well as giving the group lots of guidance for people of all levels of experience. I am really looking forward to joining her mom and baby class next! Jenny Bee is also a doula and I found that her knowledge and experience really contributed to making me feel comfortable and confident at every stage of my pregnancy and she was always offering useful tips and info as well as answering my numerous questions before and after class. My husband and I would strongly recommend her classes and workshops to anyone pregnant or not!

Jen K.

There are lots of things I like about the class, but one that I love: each class has a theme. Intuition, compassion and to be present are examples. So, I not only go to the class and practice yoga, we also discuss something meaningful that makes me think how to be better as a person.

Jennifer L.

I have attended Jenny`s postnatal yoga class and it was by far the best yoga class I have ever attended. She is not only an amazing yoga teacher but she is knowledgeable in postpartum aspects of the body like no one else was! Jenny doesn’t just teach a yoga class, she gives it that little extra that just brightens your day. I highly recommend classes with Jenny!

Marie-France P.

I really appreciated Jenny’s warm-hearted approach to teaching prenatal yoga which combined just the right combination of spiritual and emotional support, relevant information about pregnancy and birth, and physical challenge. She created a welcoming and nurturing atmosphere that reassured me about the life changes I was going through while also helping me get stronger mentally and physically. I looked forward to her classes every week!

Natalka H.

Jenny’s Birthing Workshop is very informative, fun and definitely helpful for our partners in the delivery room – we walked away with some excellent pointers! I’ve also attended Jenny’s prenatal and postnatal yoga classes, what can I say, I just love her. There’s a casualness about her that’s inviting, her genuine sense of care and love is grounding, and her teaching is all at the same time friendly, sisterly, motherly and professional. She was incredibly supportive throughout my pregnancy and onwards.

Kieve P.

Jenny’s prenatal yoga class was great preparation for labour. In fact, I was in Jenny’s yoga class just a few hours before giving birth! I really feel that the postures, breathing and wisdom she shared in her class helped me have the kind of birth I was hoping for — smooth, and intervention-free.

Dominique J.