Ayda De Souza – Testimonials

Andrea R.

Your strength, guidance, understanding, confidence and softness will be part of my birth story forever. You turned a very anxious and vulnerable time for me into an incredible and beautiful day. I don’t think I would have had this experience without you there.

Andrea R. 

Andrea R.

Emilie Quesnel

Ayda is a wonderful, experienced and reassuring doula. She’s assisted in many births and her experience is evident. Throughout the prenatal sessions, she provided me with the confidence I was lacking to trust myself and to trust that my body would be able to go through the labour. My labour didn’t go as planned and I ended up being induced and was very nervous. Ayda walked me through the process prior to the induction and throughout and was a very reassuring presence and continued to coach me throughout. I was able to give birth to our daughter without medication, as I’d wished. She was also very helpful with my partner and empowering him as well. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her, she is absolutely fantastic.

Emilie Q.

Kristiana Logina

Ayda was very helpful in assisting me throughout the birthing process. She was by my side, strong willed yet gentle, and looking back now, those are great qualities and just what I needed during the process. She is informed on hospital procedures and was a great guide. I’m happy with my experience and Ayda’s dedication, as my birth was quite long. I do recommend her services to seeking new moms.

Kristiana L.

Dr Caroline Cardona

I am so grateful that Ayda was part of the journey of my first pregnancy. I felt an immediate connection the first time I met her, and after our first discussion I knew she understood me, my husband, and our vision of our ideal birth. During the pregnancy, she gave me so many precious tools to be as ready as I could be for labour and delivery. I loved that she was totally real, she prepared me and helped me not to avoid the pain but to surrender to it, to welcome it and be empowered by it, as it is what helps bring baby into this world. When the day arrived, I felt she she was an angel by my side. I listened to every word she calmly said by my ear during labour and delivery, and I know that thanks to her cues and my mental preparation, I was blessed with a beautiful, completely natural, empowering birth. I am forever grateful for her help and really thinks every woman should have a doula to accompany them in the amazing adventure of giving life.

Dr Caroline C.

Xenia Tsintory

My birth experience was fantastic because of Ayda she make it go so smoth and comfortable that I did not feel any pain and it happen so fast and easy I am very great full that she was with me

Xenia T.

Patricia Ho

Having Ayda with me during my pregnancy, during labour and after labour was the best. She gave me good advice, was able to work with my personality and husband’s personality as well. She guided us through the whole time and knew exactly how to help us when giving birth. Postpartum, she gave me good advice. She always made herself available to answer my questions. Without Ayda, I can’t imagine how my whole birth experience would have been like!

Patricia H.

Karen Iglesias

Ayda is an amazing doula!
She has been there for me through all three of my pregnancies as well as a miscarriage and has helped me so much!!
I don’t know how to keep this short because I have so much to say about her.
I also really don’t know how I would have made it without her kind loving hands and EXPERIENCE!!
Ayda is so passionate about what she does. She is honest and ALWAYS!!! there when you need her despite the fact that she is a wife and mother of four, she will always be there for you. She taught me so many techniques about labour, birth, babies and children as well as given me endless amounts of advice. I never felt that I had a stupid question or that any personal request was above her. Ayda never hesitated to take charge of uncomfortable situations at the hospital in order to make me feel more comfortable. She was never pushy or rude and always made me feel in control.
I don’t think that Ayda knows how many people she has touched through her work. I am constantly quoting her and so many of my family and friends owe there great experiences to her.
Ayda is my hero and an excellent doula.
I recommend her to everyone!

Karen I.