A new Postpartum Doula Training

I love to talk pregnancy. I love to talk birth. I love teaching about labour, different yoga postures and breathing techniques that help a woman cope with the sensations she’ll experience as she brings her child earth side.

But there’s something I might like talking about even more than all that—what happens once the baby IS earth side. Labour lasts what, 48 hours big max. Usually much shorter. And then—you’re a parent for life. This is why I love teaching the postnatal portion of Rock the Cradle’s Birth and Parent with Confidence Prenatal Classes: diapering, feeding, washing. I also like to talk about healing after a caesarean or vaginal birth. I like to give the couple a few ways to take care of mama in the days and weeks and months following birth, for the benefit of the entire family.

For a few of these students and clients, I’m the lucky person who gets to go into the home and be there with her and for her, and her new family, in some of the toughest and most beautiful moments that they will spend together. I am there to listen and give a few words of wisdom. I’m there to gently guide and I’m often a shoulder to cry on. I am there to give reminders, assurance, referrals. There to prep or cook food, to sweep floors, to load the dishwasher. I hold babies. I give massages. I rock babies to sleep. I can change diapers, mix formula or throw in a load of laundry. I’m alright company.

I do it because I love it. And I do it because I’ve made it my job. I am a Postpartum Doula.

I got into this line of work for a number of reasons, and am not the first woman to become a Postpartum Doula because I had a bit of a rocky postpartum period myself. My ego is not so inflated that I think I alone can prevent every woman on the planet from being diagnosed with postpartum depression. But I am determined to at least try to make a difference for the few women I am blessed to encounter in the city of Montreal.

Postpartum Doula Training begins in October 2019

Like Birth Doulas, the role of the Postpartum Doula is becoming more and more recognized and valued. We’re realizing the importance of support in this society that is usually lacking a village. While there are a number of great postpartum doulas already out there, Sylvia and I think that the more people providing the special care of a Postpartum Doula, the better. So, we’ve put together a beautiful, bilingual, one-of-a-kind Postpartum Doula Training. We are so happy to be offering it in Montreal this October.

Two scholarships and 15% discount until August 15th

You can find more information on this special postpartum doula training here. And don’t be shy to reach out with any other questions. We have two scholarships available and our 15% off Early Bird Discount is on until August 15!

We really, really hope to share this special postpartum doula training with you.


Jenny Bee