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Sylvia Otvos

Childbirth Educator and Founder of Rock the Cradle – Montreal Doula Services

I decided to become a Montreal doula following the birth of my son in 2007. Like so many other pregnant women around me, I was a bit fearful of the unknown and I had always heard that childbirth was excruciatingly painful. However, to my surprise, my experience of birth could not have been more different. It was peaceful, powerful and, I won’t lie, at times very painful. But it definitely was not as bad as I had imagined it would be. I credit this in part to luck, to my baby and the universe, but also to my husband, my doula and the nurses who were all amazing at following my lead and helping me every step of the way.

During this amazing life-changing experience, a seed was planted. From then on I felt called to help women through birth. I felt that women everywhere needed to know that birth is so much more than the panic and the fear that we see in movies or on TV. It is beautiful and it is powerful. 

Fast forward five years later, Rock the Cradle is now a team of amazing certified birth and postpartum doulas with various specialities, such as yoga therapy and aromatherapy. We offer families the support they need throughout pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period, so they may have beautiful and positive experiences.

Our mission is to eliminate the fear of childbirth and anxiety in parenthood so that parents everywhere feel strong and confident from day one.

My Experience

  • Certified Birth Doula (2012) and Postpartum Doula (2014) through MotherWit
  • Training to be a Lamaze Childbirth Educator
  • Fluently bilingual, English and French
  • Have attended over 150 births
  • Have assisted in different types of birthing experiences, including natural, medicated, planned and emergency cesareans, VBAC, vaginal breech, inductions, multiples, high risk, single moms, moms over 40, same sex couples, slow births and very fast births
  • Experienced with home births, birthing centres, and hospital births
  • Have served 20 new families in their first weeks and months postpartum.
  • My ultimate experience: Mom to a boy and two girls under the ages of 7!

Training and Certifications

  • World Health Organization Breastfeeding Course
  • Basics of Breastfeeding and Active Listening, Nourrisource Montreal
  • Volunteer breastfeeding support mom, Nourrisource Montreal
  • Acupressure for Birth, Tanya Smith
  • Homeopathy for Birth, MICH
  • Adult and Infant CPR
  • Member of the Association des naturothérapeutes du Québec which allows me to provide receipts for insurance purposes

My Philosophy

  • I believe that birth matters.
  • I believe that your wishes for your birth are very important.
  • I believe that there is no right or wrong way to give birth – it’s your body, your birth.
  • I believe that every woman should have knowledgeable, non-judgmental and loving support during the child birthing year.
  • I believe that informed consent is of the utmost importance.
  • I believe in the innate strength of every woman.
  • I believe that you can do this!

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Here are 50 random facts about me.

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“Sylvia’s support throughout my pregnancy was a huge contributor to not only a successful vaginal breech delivery, but my positive outlook on the whole experience.”

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