Meetings with your Doula are Important

In my series Doulas Do, I let you in on what it is I do as a Birth Doula.

Prenatal Meetings

In general, I dislike the word meeting.  Meetings are so often bureaucratic, formal and downright boring. But, lucky for you, meetings are not so in the world of doulas! What is more fun that talking about your pregnancy and your baby, and planning for your future as a parent?!

So, why do we meet during your pregnancy?  It’s important for you and your partner to feel comfortable with me as your doula, and for me to feel that I am the right person to address your specific needs and expectations. This way, when baby arrives, you’ll be confident that I have your back throughout labour and delivery, and I’ll know how to respond to your preferences, for example through massage, hip presses or sitting in silence holding your hand. How do we get to that level of comfort and intimacy? We meet. We chat. We plan. And we meet again!


When and Where Do We Meet?

I meet with first-time parents three times once they’ve hired me as their doula. These meetings usually take place at your home. They allow me to answer any questions you may have and give us the opportunity to discuss many interesting and important topics, including:

Meeting #1 (approx. 20 weeks): your medical history, importance of good nutrition and exercise, your vision of your birth, any anxieties you may have, your partner’s role and expectations;

Meeting #2 (approx. 28 weeks): what labour looks like, ways of coping with pain, hospital or birthing centre protocols, when to go to the hospital, what to bring with you;

Meeting #3 (approx. 36 weeks): what to expect after the baby is born, breastfeeding, basic baby care, and a lot more.


You Already Have a Child or Two?

For you experienced moms, we usually meet once or twice rather than three times since you have been through pregnancy and labour before. Meetings can also be tailored to any specific topics, if desired; for example, how to deal with an older sibling when baby arrives, or what tandem nursing looks like.


Have a Question That Can’t Wait?

If you need to reach me in between meetings, I am available by email and by phone, so you can reach me when you need to. As your doula, I am a key member of your birthing team, so please don’t hesitate to contact me. That’s what I’m here for.


If having a doula sounds like something you want to explore further, call me and we can chat about your pregnancy and your needs. I look forward to helping you welcome your little one into this world!



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