Would You Like to Know How to Avoid Induction?

Welcome to Doula Dialogues, our Facebook Live Show! Today on Episode #4 of Doula Dialogues, Rock the Cradle Doulas Sylvia Otvos and Ayda De Souza talk about how to avoid induction, natural ways to induce labour if you have a looming induction, how a doula can help with induced births, as well as how to prepare the body if you’re going to have one.

As birth doulas, our Rock the Cradle team has seen our fair share of inductions. They’re actually quite common nowadays, especially if you birth in a hospital, for reasons such as gestational diabetes, your baby is measuring big or small, you have low amniotic fluid, you are over your due date, and more.

But not everyone is thrilled with idea of having one. And with reason!

Induced births are often much harder for the birthing mother.

Watch this episode to learn more about how to avoid inductions and let baby come when it’s ready!



We hope you enjoy this discussion.

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