Why I LOVE Effacement More Than Dilation

Birth is not just about dilation - don't forget effacement (This post first appeared in March 2015 and has been updated). I was at a birth a few years back. When mom was admitted to the hospital she was 4 cm dilated and 40% effaced. Three hours later, after hours of...

Meet Doula Ayda de Souza, Our Mama Bear

With four kids, over 12 years experience as a doula, and 200 births under her rebozo, Doula Ayda de Souza truly is our Mama Bear! She is reliable, always eager to help, is very protective of her clients, and quickly puts parents at ease. Ayda has been working full-time with our team for close to a year now.

Meet Doula Yvonne Pelling, our Mindfulness Maven

Yvonne is one of the most intuitive and grounded people I know. She has the ability to see things as they are, in the moment, and not stress out about the details. Her love of learning is infectious – because of her I now use essential oils and am practicing mindfulness more and more in my personal and work life.

If breastfeeding is so natural, why is it so hard?

Common breastfeeding issues We hear this a lot in our doula practice. Our clients are adamant about breastfeeding, but often are worried that it won’t go well. Like them, you’ve probably heard stories from friends about the myriad of breastfeeding issues that can...

Parenting toddlers is definitely not easy

‘Caca, pee-pee and your shirt is ugly!’ Yup. Those are the exact words that came screaming out of the mouth of my 3 and half year-old daughter a couple of years ago when I wouldn’t give her a juice box. Parenting is fun, no?!

Top 3 Things To Know About Ab Separation

I found out I had an ab separation (aka diastasis recti) when I was in a Pilates class and the teacher went around to check us all out. We were all new moms, and four out of five of us had an ab separation and we didn’t know it! How come no one told me?

Five Myths About Birth on TV and in the Movies

More and more, I find that people are learning about birth through these fictional stories. Sometimes these are the only births they’ve ‘seen’! And because these births are dramatized (who wants to see a slow 24-hour birth?), people aren’t getting the right information to make the decisions needed regarding their bodies and their babies.