We have another doula in the house!

Yes, you heard that right! I am so happy to introduce you to Doula Mika Rock (great fit, right? Rock…..the Cradle!). Mika really lives up to her name too, as she is one of the calmest and most grounded people I have ever met! A former science teacher, a prenatal and postnatal yoga teacher, a Certified Birth Doula and Postpartum Doula, and Shiatsu Therapist, Mika is an amazing part of any birth team! Besides offering exceptional doula services, you can find her teaching one our Birth and Parent with Confidence Prenatal Classes or hosting our Mommy and Baby Montreal Playgroups!  

We are really excited to have her on board!  Here’s a little bit more about her.


When Science Meets Holistic Wellness

‘My roots go back to my home where my father is a scientist, and my mother a psychotherapist, and pioneering holistic therapist. She used to press on my feet, to help me heal, with reflexology. This was in the early 80’s. In our home, discussions about scientific versus holistic ways of thinking, were regular conversations at the dinner table. Over the years, I gained hands on experience in both worlds, finding the places where they are complementary. 


My Passion for Birth Started with Twins!

I have been passionate about birth and parenting for many years. My work in supporting women and families goes back to 2002, in particular with my role as a postpartum doula. I joined families with newborn twins, accompanying them over the first few months, acting as helping hands, offering the support needed for a positive and nurtured transition into the adventure of parenting twins. My growing interest in supporting a family’s wellness led me on the path of studying and working in education for 10 years. I worked as a Home Room teacher, a mentor, and a science teacher for young people ranging in ages from 18 months to 18 years old. 

In the last decade working as a Yoga teacher, I have helped support a wide range of clients with many different challenges related to Pelvic floor health, Fertility issues, Menstrual health, Menopause, Fatigue, Migraines and more. 


How My Own Births Shaped My Career

My personal experience being accompanied by a Doula was a very positive one. Her presence and support were invaluable and meaningful for both me and my husband, and she helped us experience a smoother transition into our new role as parents. I came to value how much of a difference having such loving and knowledgeable support can make to a healthy pregnancy, while labouring and when becoming new parents. I believe these are both powerful and vulnerable times, where the right support can set a foundation of wellness within the family, for years to come.

I integrate visualization, embodiment, meditation, yoga philosophy, postures and breathing techniques, pressure points, Zen shiatsu, homeopathy, into pregnancy, birth and parenthood. 

As part of your birth team I will help you remember to listen to your intuition, trust your body and when needed offer you evidence-based information so that you may navigate this journey with confidence.

I look forward to meeting you!’



If you’d like to have Mika as your Birth Doula, or would like to meet her and find out if she’s the right doula for you, please contact me at 514-975-8973 to discuss the details or book an appointment to chat when convenient for you.

We also have a monthly Open House every 3rd Wednesday of the month at Equilibrium Yoga, 4812 St-Laurent Blvd. Come and meet the team, learn about our services and see how you can benefit from having caring and knowledgable support during this exciting time.

We look forward to meeting you!


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