Welcome Doula Heather Marr, Our Doula Adventurer!

I am so excited to welcome another Birth Doula and Postpartum Doula to our team! I have known Heather for several years as our paths crossed during a couple of workshops in our Montreal doula community. She is always full of smiles and I love listening to her  interesting stories about her travels around the world! A California native, Heather loves running (she met her husband while running) and coffee – which is great for doulas and helps with those extra long nighttime births!


Here is a little more about her:

I loved birth even as a young girl 

‘I’ve been fascinated with childbirth ever since my two sisters and I used to pretend, as kids, that we were orphans living alone in the wilderness with no other human contact: foraging for food, fending off mountain lions…and giving birth in very noisy re-enactments of dramatic scenes we’d seen on TV!’

My first birth – not what I expected

I first heard the word “doula” when I was pregnant with my first child in San Francisco, California. For some reason, though, I thought that because the hospital where I was planning to birth had midwives on staff, my husband and I would have plenty of built-in hands-on support when I went into labour. I assumed a birth doula would be redundant.

At two weeks post-dates, labour induced with Synto, I panicked at the intensity of the pain, had an epidural, and pushed for hours. The medical team, excellent and caring but stretched thin among all the other labouring moms, didn’t have a lot of time or energy for nurturing or helping my husband and me weigh options regarding various interventions. And my husband, fabulous though he was (and still is), had never been through this before, either.

Out came my healthy, gorgeous baby daughter, but afterwards I thought, Wow, yeah, we seriously should have hired a doula!

Baby #2 confirmed my love for birth

After having experienced it for myself for the first time—and then again, nearly five years later, when I birthed my son, quickly, naturally, unexpectedly at 35 weeks—I became even more enamoured with pregnancy, birth, and those surreal first days of parenting. I read everything I could on the subject, somehow knowing that one day I would accompany other parents and parents-to-be on their own journeys. And listen to them tell their stories.

I found my doula calling

I’m thrilled to say that for the last few years, I’ve been doing this work that’s been calling me for as long as I can remember.

And I love it!

The adventure of bringing your baby earthside is an experience that truly matters. Whether you birth vaginally or by belly, without pain meds or with the full kit, in a hospital bed or in your bathtub at home, with Snatam Kaur or Jay-Z (or both!) on your birth playlist, my deepest intention is for you to feel informed, empowered, full of breath and exquisite light, and surrounded by love.

And maybe even have a pretty good time!



If you’d like to have Heather as your Birth Doula, or would like to meet her and find out if she’s the right doula for you, please contact me at 514-975-8973 to discuss the details or book an appointment to chat when convenient for you.

We also have a monthly Open House every 3rd Wednesday of the month at Equilibrium Yoga, 4812 St-Laurent Blvd. Come and meet the team, learn about our services and see how you can benefit from having caring and knowledgable support during this exciting time.

We look forward to meeting you!



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