Move Your Business Forward

Create a profitable business you love!
Are you a birth doula, postpartum doula, childbirth educator or someone who works with new mothers and newborns?
Are you looking to:
  • increase your sales
  • fill your practice with amazing clients
  • work on your own terms
  • run your business from a place of intention?
Then you probably already know that you need to understand the business behind the birth. You have a passion for birth, a vision that you want to create and share with as many women as possible, and a burning desire for your business to succeed.
But you feel like you are spinning in circles.
You are spending more time trying to figure out how to get clients, how to deliver your incredible services and how to run your business than doing what you love most which is to serve the women and the families in your community. You are working around the clock and not seeing the results you want. You are getting clients, but you’re not making enough money. You are feeling alone and isolated.
You know wholeheartedly that because you really want this, if you just keep working hard, it will all fall into place.
The problem is, hard work won’t always get you the results you want. What is standing in your way?
  • Is it the lack of business know-how to get your business on track?
  • Are you spending too much time on tasks that don’t bring you joy or increase your revenue?
  • Do you work like crazy and lack the energy and flexibility you were expecting when you dreamed of creating your own business?

This is why I created ‘Rock Your Birth Biz’ a unique coaching program to  help you #moveyourbizforward.

I will walk you through a step-by-step blueprint – the same one I used to create my own successful business – to help you build and grow the profitable and flexible business you want but is just out of reach. For now.
Running your business is so much simpler when you have a plan and you see tangible results. It’s also easier when you have one-on-one support and someone to hold you accountable.
Had someone given me this step-by-step plan when I started by business, I know I would have started with a clear vision of where I wanted to go, I would have managed my company differently and I would have made more money sooner. Don’t wait like I did before putting everything into place!

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What’s included in ‘The Biz Behind the Birth’ one-on-one coaching program?

Learning opportunities

Bi-weekly one-on-one calls that take you through each of the steps needed to build your business from the ground up:
  • Module 1 – Determine your purpose
  • Module 2 – Determine your vision
  • Module 3 – Define your client profile
  • Module 4 – Create your unique offerings
  • Module 5 – Establish your marketing strategy
  • Module 6 – Learn to listen, learn to sell
When we’re finished, you’ll have a solid plan that will take your business to the next level, increasing your revenues while allowing you more time to do what you love.


  • Personalized help wherever you are in your business
  • Accountability to help you grow your business
As an entrepreneur, it’s important not to feel isolated and alone. When we work together, you receive personalized support to help you conquer your business challenges that are keeping you from moving forward.


  • Access to other entrepreneurs through my private Facebook group who can help you grow your business, keep you accountable and break the isolation.
Business is about sharing ideas, building communities and helping others just like you in return. Start building your network now!

Hi, I’m Sylvia.

I’ll help you build the successful business you deserve. Four years ago, after a fifteen-year management career in the non-profit and education sectors, and following the births of my three kids, I decided to leave the comfort of a 9-5 job and become a doula. I had birthed with the help of four amazing doulas and I wanted to spread the news that birth can be beautiful, powerful and positive!

And I haven’t looked back since.

My MBA and years in management helped me launch my business and I began working full time as a doula almost immediately. But it wasn’t always easy. I remember starting my business without a clear vision of what I wanted, spending a lot of time on tasks that didn’t increase my sales, offering packages at the wrong price points, and not placing enough emphasis on creating structure in my business which ultimately would lead to growth. This is when I realized I needed a crystal clear plan to help me define and grow my business. So I created one. Now, four years later, our team at Rock the Cradle offers birth and postpartum doula services, group and private prenatal classes, birth consults, workshops, meet-ups and much more!

Today, I want to share my plan with you!

I am so excited to offer ‘The Biz Behind the Birth’ program and share with you the steps I took to having a thriving doula business. I know you can have it too!


When you sign up for ‘Rock Your Birth Biz’ program you’ll also receive:

  • Bonus Module 7 – Tips and Tools to manage your business from Day One
  • A private Facebook group to help cultivate your online community, stay connected and accountable.
  • My own personal ‘Financial Abundance’ meditation (narrated by yours truly!)
Request a chat with me below, or call me now at 514-975-8973 to be on your way to having the profitable business you deserve and love!!