If breastfeeding is so natural, why is it so hard?

Common breastfeeding issues We hear this a lot in our doula practice. Our clients are adamant about breastfeeding, but often are worried that it won’t go well. Like them, you’ve probably heard stories from friends about the myriad of breastfeeding issues that can...

Parenting toddlers is definitely not easy

‘Caca, pee-pee and your shirt is ugly!’ Yup. Those are the exact words that came screaming out of the mouth of my 3 and half year-old daughter a couple of years ago when I wouldn’t give her a juice box. Parenting is fun, no?!

Top 5 Powerful Essential Oils To Help You Birth

Aromatherapy can be a wonderful tool to use during your labour. It can enrich the experience, ease pains and even nurture the mother. There are some essentials oils for birth and hydrosols that can strengthen contractions while also reducing pain. As well, the right essential oil can help create the right mood, reducing stress and anxiety.

Top 3 Things To Know About Ab Separation

I found out I had an ab separation (aka diastasis recti) when I was in a Pilates class and the teacher went around to check us all out. We were all new moms, and four out of five of us had an ab separation and we didn’t know it! How come no one told me?

Five Myths About Birth on TV and in the Movies

More and more, I find that people are learning about birth through these fictional stories. Sometimes these are the only births they’ve ‘seen’! And because these births are dramatized (who wants to see a slow 24-hour birth?), people aren’t getting the right information to make the decisions needed regarding their bodies and their babies.

Video: Should you be taking baby out during the holidays?

The question we keep getting in our prenatal classes is whether or not new parents should take their newborn out to holiday gatherings. Having had two Christmas babies myself, I remember having all of these invitations and bringing babies out when they were four days old, five or six days old. Was it the right thing to do? At the time, I thought so. But it will depends on a few factors that we’ll talk about today.

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