Certified Birth Doulas for Hospital Births,
Birthing Centre Births, and Home Births.

Every woman experiences birth differently.

For some, a raw power erupts in them and their birth warrior roars out. For others, there’s a slow surrender and quiet stillness that flows through them. Really, there’s no right or wrong way to do it.

But no matter how or where you give birth, every woman can benefit from having knowledgeable and loving support during pregnancy, birth, and the days that follow as she settles into mommyhood.

The compassionate care of doulas can bring back the power of community, so mothers feel respected and supported in their birth and parenting choices.

More than that,

having a familiar face and level head in the delivery room with you can make the difference between a stressful labour and a calm one.

Whether we’re helping you find a more comfortable birthing position for a specific stage of labour, easing you through your contractions with rebozo techniques, or using visualization exercises to bring a little zen your way so you can be more present during the birthing process…

We’re here to give you the hand squeezes, the encouraging words, and the information you need—when you need them the most.

More than doulas, we’re:


When you think: “I can’t do this!”, we’ll be right there beside you, encouraging your partner and cheering you on so you can trust your body and work with it.


We keep you informed at every stage, so you feel confident in your birth decisions, know what to expect, and get the positive birth experience you prepared for.


We respect your birth wishes and facilitate time-outs in the delivery room when you need to understand and discuss the pros and cons of an intervention.


We can use aromatherapy to give you bursts of energy during labour, acupressure or massage to ease your pain, and visualization techniques to help you focus.


Studies show that doulas can help shorten labour, minimize the likelihood of interventions, and help women cope easier with pain. It’s official. We’re better than drugs.


We give your partner the tools, encouragement, and hands-on guidance they need to support you through every decision, from pregnancy to parenthood.

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Convenient options to fit your family’s needs:

We also offer optional add-on services that
our Rock the Cradle Doulas are specially trained in


Let your closest women friends nurture and support you as you celebrate your rite of passage into motherhood! During this sacred ceremony filled with beautiful rituals, you will bask in the wisdom, light, friendship and love of those around you.

All of our Rock the Cradle Birth Doula packages include:


Get unlimited email and text support from pregnancy to postpartum, so you always have the knowledge, guidance, and emotional support you need between doctor visits.


We’ll discuss your medical history, how you envision your birth, and any concerns you and your partner have. Then together, we’ll design a realistic birth plan that’s personalized for you.


Beginning at 38 weeks, we offer around the clock on-call availability, so you have constant 1:1 support for the duration of your labour and birth. We also have reliable backup doulas if needed.


You get access to our lending library with all our fave books and resources on pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and parenthood. That way, you can make sure you’re as informed as possible.


The week following your baby’s birth, we’ll check in to see how your family is adapting, help with any breastfeeding issues, answer your questions, and ensure you’re healing up and feeling supported.


Our doulas are a part of the A.N.Q. (Association of Naturotherapists of Quebec), so we can provide receipts for insurance purposes to make our services more accessible to you.

Rock the Cradle’s Certified Birth Doulas
might be the right fit for you if:

You’re sitting there, half terrified at the thought of labour, wondering, “How am I going to do this?”

You want to OWN your birth experience and do what you can to have the birth you want.

You want to feel heard and supported in this process, no matter what your birth looks like.


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