Looking to know me a bit better? Well, here are 50 random facts about me.

  1. I have a Bachelor’s of Music, majoring in classical voice.
  2. I was in a sixties’ cover band called Pure Honey. We only preformed one gig and then broke up!
  3. I have younger twin brothers. I still call them ‘The Boys’ and they are over 40.
  4. I lived in Surrey, B.C. No comment!
  5. I cannot draw for the life of me, though my dad is an amazing artist and my brothers inherited his amazing skill.
  6. I hate arts and crafts. Ugh.
  7. I am afraid of heights.
  8. I am allergic to dust, pollen and mosquitos.
  9. I hate the smell of coconut and lavender.
  10. I do not know how to drive a standard. And I’m worried that one day I’ll be in some kind of emergency and I’ll need to know how, but I won’t. Oh well.
  11. I have an MBA.
  12. I love to bake. With lots of sugar.
  13. I never wanted to have a sister until recently when I saw my daughters playing so well together.
  14. I won the ‘Fastest Typist’ award in Grade 10…back when we used actual typewriters. I know, I’m dating myself.
  15. I have a bowling trophy (yes, it’s mine, and I am proud!)
  16. I have moved houses over 25 times.
  17. I used to be a professional event organizer.
  18. I am not Greek, though many people think so. I am half Hungarian and half French Canadian.
  19. I love cookbooks with beautiful pictures and buy them often, but I don’t ever cook with them.
  20. I am a city girl.
  21. Since having kids, I no longer jaywalk.
  22. I always find it amazing that there are people on the streets past 8:30 p.m. (Those were the days.)
  23. I have an aversion to chick flicks.
  24. I have never smoked a full cigarette. Boring I know. But healthier. And I was a classical singer.
  25. I like to make people laugh. But often I laugh more at my own jokes than others do.
  26. On a visit to Quebec City with some out of town students, we were so lucky to see the Aurora Borealis. We pulled over and just watched for the longest of times. So magical!
  27. I don’t wear dresses or nylon stockings.
  28. My parents have been together for 46 years. That is an amazing milestone.
  29. I have never, ever, drunk a cup of coffee. Not during an all-nighter at university, not even during a long birth. I hate the taste. But I do like Coffee Crisp, tiramisu and Iced Cappucinos!
  30. My favourite book is A Fine Balance, by Rohinton Mistry.
  31. I buy organic and/or local as much as possible.
  32. I prefer real books to my Kobo.
  33. I work as a voice artist and narrate commercials, documentaries, promotional videos.
  34. I could eat good watermelon every day. Italy has the best watermelon!
  35. Each time I was pregnant, I traveled to various wine countries (California, France, Italy, respectively). Really, really bad timing.
  36. I used to go salsa dancing all the time.
  37. Ray Lamontagne, Brandi Carlisle, Paolo Nutini, the Civil Wars, Anthony and the Johnsons, and Angus and Julia Stone are my some of my favourite musicians.
  38. When I was a teenager, I was so shy I would cross the street if someone was coming my way. Now I wonder why people can’t just say hello when they pass me by!
  39. My first job, besides babysitting, was at McDonalds.
  40. I really, really don’t get Twitter. But I love Facebook and especially Pinterest!
  41. My aunt, my husband’s sister, my husband’s great-grandfather, my brother’s wife and I all share the same birthday!! Very cool. May 13, if you are wondering.
  42. I am a total night owl. This helps when births are at night, but doesn’t really go well with small children.
  43. I used to sell jewelry on Ste-Catherine Street in Montreal and met the quirkiest people of the underground.
  44. I lived abroad, in London, England, after my university degree. If I were to do this again, I would go to South America.
  45. I cannot wear flip flops or sandals with the thingy between my toes.
  46. In a past life I was a mermaid.
  47. I don’t like Halloween or dressing up.
  48. I find pregnancy and birth easy. Raising kids is the hardest by far. Get ready for that!
  49. I absolutely LOVE working with expectant families and newborns.
  50. I will never, ever go back to work for a company where I don’t enjoy what I am doing and where I can’t manage my own time.

There you have it! But to know me best, I invite you to call me or email me and we can chat more about your birth and see how you can benefit from having caring and knowledgeable support during your pregnancy, birth and postpartum.


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