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Rock the Cradle Online Prenatal Classes

With over 5.5 hours of video, you will learn all the essentials when it comes to birth and delivery, feeding baby and newborn care in the first 6 weeks.

Watch at your own pace. When you want. Where you want.

Choose the class that suits your needs

Rockstar Edition

Get all 31 lessons totalling 5.5 hours of fun and engaging educational content.

Do you like to be fully prepared in any situation? Are you eager to learn all there is to know before your baby comes?

This online pregnancy class is for you!

Many soon-to-be parents are anxious and don’t know what to expect. We’ll take you through the entire  process step by step so that you feel prepared and excited for your BIG day!

From tools for coping with labour to birthing positions to breastfeeding and newborn care, we’ve got you covered!

Classic Edition

Get 21 fun and engaging lessons totalling 4.5 hours of educational content. 

This online birthing class focusses on the essentials you need to know about birthing your baby, feeding your baby and the first six weeks after baby comes home.

You will be informed of your options at every step of the way so you have the most positive experience possible!

Breastfeeding Masterclass

Whether you are a first-time parent or a seasoned mom wanting a refresher, learning about breastfeeding before your baby arrives is extremely beneficial.

This one-hour masterclass, divided into four video lessons, provides you with many tips and tools, from breastfeeding positions to pumping and using bottles to troubleshooting any issues that may arise.  

We’ll help prepare you for this amazing part of parenthood.

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Sylvia is a warm, grounded, and knowledgeable instructor which was very reassuring for me. I specifically appreciated the video examples of real moms/dads/babies, the absence of a fixed schedule, and the virtual access.

Jenna Jones

Sylvia’s course answered all the looming questions I had as a new mom and provided so much more valuable information that has given me confidence in my ability to make it though a natural childbirth.

Dara Robertson

This has been one of the best childbirth classes I have taken and I have taken many!

Cicely Wilson

Three classes to choose from

What you will learn


1. Welcome

2. The key to having the most positive birth possible

3. Your body during pregnancy – What’s going on in there?

4. Thank heavens for birth hormones


5. Why is labour so long? It’s all about your cervix

6. Early labour – stay home as long as possible!

7. Active labour and transition – this is why they call it LABOUR!

8. Coping with labour- finding what works for you

9. Positions to help baby descend (Rockstar Edition only)

10 Massage – how to relax your partner (Rockstar Edition only)

11. The magic of acupressure points (Rockstar Edition only)

12. It’s time to push!

13. Pushing positions- you don’t have to be on your back

14. What you need to know about medical interventions

15. Spouses- Making your partner feel safe and loved

16. What’s a Doula? Your own fairy godmother!


17. You just gave birth – what happens next?

18. The beauty and benefits of skin to skin with baby (Rockstar Edition only)

19. Want to breastfeed? What you need to know

20. Breastfeeding positions – find what’s comfortable for you

21. Breastfeeding – using a breast pump, bottles or formula

22. Common issues and how to address them (Rockstar Edition only)


23. Healing physically after birth

24. Healing emotionally after birth (Rockstar Edition only)

25. Grooming your baby – bath, nail cutting and umbilical cord care

26. You will change thousands of diapers! Let’s start with the first one

27. Babies cry, but why? Ways to soothe baby (Rockstar Edition only)

28. To swaddle or not to swaddle? (Rockstar Edition only)

29. How to use a wrap, a sling and the K-Tan carrier (Rockstar Edition only)

30. Everything you want to know about newborn sleep (Rockstar Edition only)

31. Nourishing the couple

“I want to say a big Thank You! My husband and I took the online prenatal classes and they made us feel so much more confident! We will definitely be referring back to the course along our journey. Thank you with all our hearts!

Loretta S.

You’ve got this!

There is a lot to know when it comes to birthing and parenting your baby. But when you take the steps to learn about your options, you will feel more empowered to ask the right questions and make the right decisions concerning your body and your baby.

These classes will help you be informed of your options, assist you in making a birth plan that reflects your desires, and leave you feeling like you’ve got this!

It’s your right to have a positive birth!